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feather and down pillows

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Product Details
Material:100% Cotton Use:Hotel Filling:Other, Goose Down
Age Group:Other, Adult
Product Description


Six reasons to buy hansfi down products- hansfi not only concerned about the quality, and more concerned about the service1. 100% true down, we promise if any, and other businesses, like adulteration is willing to lose a double2. Charge down sufficient,marked how much down there is how much down.3. Fabrics, EU standards, true anti-mite, hundred percent cotton4. Really do not run down. High-grade anti-flannel, finer pinhole, look down where to run5. Every day to build a new quilt, free lifetime warranty, renovation, cleaning your carefree6. 20 years service brand, trusted


1.100%cotton fabric shell 2. duck&goose down 3. soft,environmental friendly 4. customer size available 5. OEM available


Item NO.:


Design: customized design Available


Fabric: 100% Cotton 230TC, breathable down-proof covers

Filling: 15%-90%duck or goose down and feather, as needed



140×220cm 1050grams

160×220cm 1540grams

200×220cm 1848grams

240×220cm 2184grams






86×86 inch
















white, peige, yellow, pink, purple, blue,orange, green etc.


Home&Hotel&Nursing Care&Hospital

Adult Age



Double-needle stitching, piping edge etc.


  1. fashion design
  2. environmental material
  3. excellent craftmanship
  4. promoting sleep
  5. adaption to customers’ requests


  1. PVC bags or carton
  2. As needed


T/T and L/C

Lead Time

30 days after conformation



Quality Control

All products are made by veteran craftmen.

All steps of manufacturing are under supervision.

All products are checked carefully by quality inspectors.

Unique, European lock flavor layer, really do not smellNormally Duck down smells unpleasant,We have an exclusive introduction,European lock flavor layer technology, lock the smell of duck down internal, Outflow smell is almost negligible.At the same time to ensure that the natural environmental, and really do not smell.

Special warning: They also claimed that part of the feather quilt did not taste, but most of these enterprises takeChemical methods to forced to eliminate the smell, but long-term cover this quilt will be causing unknown damage to your health.

Absolutely not run downWith high-grade anti-flannel, we use 3CM 18-pin Europe standard, Avoid a problem of the past, although the use of anti-flannel, but pinhole like a velvet.

keep silenceDuvet sound when you roll over and opened, less pronounced during the day, but in the dead of night is extremely obvious.Often affects sleep, we use ultra-high density fabric, has a strong drape and texture, completely avoid the sound.

We pay attention to the choice of materials

Our Duck down is from Northeast White duck.All of our duck down is northeast quarter white duck down. Parts under the armpits, belly, whichever flower-like shape of the villi.Velvet flowers, stems small fish, good quality, flexible enough, warm and strong, has better moisture absorption, perspire, relatively dry,And the bulkiness higher.Better warm keep alibility than plant fibers such as cotton thermal, the feather itself dimensional triangular skeleton structure canSave a lot of air, the air is a poor conductor, so you can resist the external cold and their own body temperature loss.

Fabric for Xinjiang cottonOur fabrics used the Xinjiang Cotton, light up to 18 hours or more a day, is the best cotton in the country

We work assertion

1. The eighteen processes, creating one gram Featured down.We each gram down is essured after washing, disinfection, antibacterial and etc. treatment, 18 quality control checks, quality assurance,100% compliance with EU environmental standards.the same time,we imported from Germany with a clear technology with 18 cleaning and disinfection procedures,60 degrees standard control temperature washing, environmental protection as well as sterilization, does not destroy the activity of the feather.

2 smaller pinhole precise lock down.we use 11# imported lock down needle, the pinhole is smaller, accurate to the technological level of the 3CM 18 needles,Reached the level of exports to the EU, more than the domestic market on the 14th lock velvet pin technology, can be firmly locked down nothing more than to run.

3. Quadruple processing guarantee does not shrink, softerAfter 2 soft, pre-shrinking, ensure your quilt is softer, even though this increase in cost,But we make sure it will not shrink when you use. our cotton cloth produced by imports shaft machine

How to choose a good feather and down products?1. One click: Tap, deep speed ,rebound quickly;2. Second touch: soft3. Three beats: less powder4. Four rub: rub duvet, less drilling down;5. ive smell: no smell6. Six hand weight: the amount of light, bulky7. Seven quilt: high filled down,charge down large

Maintenance TipsClean: Best to use a fabric cover outside of the fabric plus a layer of quilt, quilt to wash frequently, so that can beExtend the service life, used often newDrying: sun regularly duvet, sun Note Do not ventilated indirect sunlight (insolation), time10:00 to 15:00 the best, even the sun 2-3 hours, the middle Fanshai time, so the yard outside the sun to.Collection: duvet before use and best collection before tapping removing dust collection in a well-ventilated and dry placeAppropriate amount into the pest control agent, not sealed, do not squeeze, it is best placed in a large maintenance bag or wardrobe.Cleaning: It is recommended to be cleaned once in 2-3 years, sent specifically to provide the cleaning duvets service shop, made it clear with a mild detergent orDedicated feathers detergent rinse, add fragrances, personal preferences and try to franchise stores Dry cleaning duvets.

Down and feather Products features: Improve the quality of sleep, adjustment insomnia, dreams Improve of human micro circulation, increase body immunity and disease resistance Correct sleeping position, to prevent cervical spondylosis Eliminate fatigue, activate cells, brain puzzle, anti-aging effects Enhance memory, sleep good memory, feather pillow evenly dispersed head pressure, Promote head blood circulation, improve sleep quality

1. Breathable fluffy Triangular stomatal breathing has ten million cashmere fiber, fats it contains ingredients and it will not be with each other Adhesions, feather pillows can often remain fluffy 2 low-carbon environment Down product is truly green pollution-free, low-carbon environmental protection products, for our environment, everyone involved in a lot of Come on in and advocate the low carbon environmental protection activities 3. Improve sleep Down effectively improve the human microcirculation, increase immunity and antibacterial; So as to improve the quality of your sleep, adjustment insomnia, dreams 4. Treatment of cervical Feather pillow especially good therapeutic effect in patients with cervical bad, life in general can For more than 20 years, usually slightly sunken hand pat evenly, and then the sun 2-3 hours after sun can reinstate 5 anti-mite and anti-bacterial Our fabrics using the most advanced high-density branch of the anti-mite and anti-bacterial fabric, can effectively control the growth of mites, Let you and your family to have a clean and healthy sleep. 6 comfortable feelCan absorb human sweat shoot sleep and quickly discharged, and can automatically adjust the internal temperature reaches The effect of warm in winter and cool in summer

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