• duck isolator(glove box)
  • duck isolator(glove box)

duck isolator(glove box)

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(1), the upper bodyThe operation observe windows made of plexiglass are equipped in both sides,front and back, the lower of  each windows are equipped with three long-sleeved gloves, so that two people can operate face-to-face. The air inlet and outlet filters are equipped in the side face, the isolator is equipped with original German fan.In the left side there is a transfer window and a power control panel.

(2), the lower body In the left side there is a prolapsed part, a pair of long-sleeved gloves there  are mainly used to clean up feces. It also has open / close conveyor used for the transmission of wastes and feces. In the bottom there is a valve used for letting out seeper due to operational failures or leaking water. The bracket in the protuberant right side, mainly used for the installation of films (clean up feces twice a week). If needed, nets can be placed between the upper and lower part for animals to walk.


(3), flexible bracket

   flexible bracket are equipped with four universal rubber wheels (two of them with brakes), for the movement indoor or moving the equipment in thr position suitable for the operation.

2 , the use  methods 1), the installation (1) The air inlet and outlet high efficient filters have been inspected before  leaving the factory,only need to be put on high efficient filter box smoothly. the right side of the upper body is air inlet, the left side of the upper body is air outlet.

The flexible initial effect filtrate board should be installed  under the outlet filter box, and in the use of filters, in accordance with the dust, at any time to replace the high efficient filters.

(2) Power control panel After installing power control panel, open fan, lighting and heating lamp switch, test whether the fan and lights are intact. This isolator also has  a temperature control device, so you can arbitrary adjustment required temperature.

2), goods transfer     The goods in and out of isolators should be passed through the transfer window and strict application of aseptic operation. Concrete steps are as follows:

(1)Goods inlet: Open the anteport of transfer window, put disinfected  packed goods in it, and then close the anteport,open the vent used for spraying disinfectant, spray the disinfectant and close the vent, wait for 20 minutes (depending on the disinfection). Open the inner door of transfer window, put goods in the isolator through the gloves of upper body, then close the inner door. For unpacked goods, which can bear disinfectant should be cleaned before entering, put into transfer window,and sprayed disinfectant

2) goods outlet: Open the inner door, put the goods in the  transfer window, and close the inner door. Open disinfectant vent of transfer window .spray disinfection and close the vent.wait for 20 minutes (depending on the disinfection). open the anteport again, (if you want to take out of infected animals, firstly, kill it in the isolator,and then go according to outlet procedures) take out of the goods. After doing this, clean the transfer window, close the anteport, spray disinfectan through disinfectant vents.

3, repair and maintenance (1), Plexiglass surface should avoid corrosive cleansers bu can use ammonia disinfectant or Xidi Ling. (2), Efficient filter should be far away from fire, water, and moisture,If without use it should be put in the dry place with obturation

(3), Fan bearing should be used lubrication oil from time to time  depending on ventilation, regularly replace  initial effect filtrate board.

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