• Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012
  • Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012

Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012

  • USD $0.1 - $20 / Piece Get Latest Price
  • CLUNT or OEM
  • Wheel Hub Bearing, Auto bearing
  • Shandong, China
  • 1 Piece / Pieces
  • MoneyGram Credit Card PayPal
  • 200000 Piece / Pieces per Month
  • Qingdao Port Guangzhou Port Shanghai port
Product Details
Usage:Auto bearing wheel hub bearing Size:wheel hub bearing Car Make:all famous cars
OE NO.:auto bearings Warranty:3 Years
Packaging Details 1. Tube+carton+pallet: eg.10 pcs bearings are packed in a tube.30 tubes are put into a carton. It is usually for small bearings..
Product Description

Product Description

Auto part car accessories wheel hub bearing DAC1280012

Details of auto wheel hub bearing

Name Auto Bearing
Model DAC20420030/29-2 rs, DAC24450060-2 rs, DAC255200206-2 rs, DAC25521037-2 rs, DAC25520042-2 rs, 
DAC27520045/43-2 rs, DAC27530043-2 rs, DAC28580038-2 rs, DAC28580042-2 rs, DAC28590038/28 - E, D
Material GCr15 Certificate ISO9001:2008; BV
Precision P0, P6, P5
Bore Size 25mm-200mm Outside diameter
Clearance C0,C1,C2,C3,C4,C5 etc.
Cage Type Brass cage or Stainless cage
Seals Type RS, 2RS, Z, 2Z, 2RZ etc
Features Auto front wheel bearings play a critical role in keeping vehicles safe and smooth. Wheel bearings are typically locate
Application It is used widely for the application of uesd cars etc.
Package pallet, wooden case,industrial package or as customers' requirement
Payment Terms A.100% irrevocable L/C at sight
C. Western Union
D. Paypal


 Auto bearings have taper roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings,single row and double row taper roller usually use in front wheel hub bearings.

Car wheel bearings installed in the car wheel hub unit,it is aim to improve the wheel bearing performance,wheel bearings from the early two single row taper roller bearings developed to double row taper roller bearings and double row angulat contact ball bearing,but also from a simple bearing development in the core of the bearing hub bearing units.

Other double row taper roller bearings use in cars and any other machinery

Detailed ImagesSome models of auto bearings we can provide


Bearing No.                                      d*D*H

DAC255200206                       25*52*20.6                     156704

DAC25520037                          25*52*37                         445539AA

DAC25520042                          25*52*42                         25BWD01

DAC25520043                          25*52*43

DAC25520045/43                   25*52*45/43

DAC25550045                          25*55*45                         7701208058

DAC25550048                          25*55*48

DAC25560032                          25*56*32                         BAH5000/445979

DAC25620048                          25*62*48

DAC25680045                          25*68*45

DAC27530045/43                   27*53*45/43

DAC27530043                          27*53*43

DAC28580042                          28*58*42                         28BWD03A

DAC28580044                          28*58*44

DAC28610042                          28*61*42                         28BWD01ACA60

DAC29530037                          29*53*37                         801023AB/BTH1026/516007

DAC30600337                          30*60.03*37                   BA2B633313C

DAC30620038                          30*62*38                          

DAC30630042                          30*63*42                          30BWD01

DAC30640042                          30*64*42                          DAC3064W2RKB

DAC30680045                          30*68*45                          30BWD04CA19

DAC32720025/19                   32*72*25/19                   32BCV07S

DAC32720045                          32*72*45                           90369-32003/32BWD06

DAC32730054                          32*73*54                           DAC3273W

DAC34640037                          34*64*37                           34BWD11

DAC34660037                          34*66*37                           636114A

DAC40720037                                                                 40                   72                        37                    37

DAC40720037A                                                              40                    72                        37                   37

DAC40720037A                                                              40                    74                        36                   34

DAC40740036                                                                 40                    74                         36                  36

DAC40740040                                                                 40                     74                        40                  40

DAC40740042                                                                 40                     74                         42                 42

DAC40750037                                                                 40                     75                        37                  37

DAC40750037A                                                              40                     75                        37                  37

DAC39(41)750037                                                         39/41              75                        37                 37

DAC39(41)750037A                                                      39/41              75                        37                 37

DAC40760033                                                                  40                    76                         33                 33

DAC40760033/28                                                           40                    76                         33                 28

DAC40760041/38                                                           40                    76                         41                 38

DAC40760441/38                                                           40                    76.04                   41                 38

DAC408000302                                                                40                    80                         30.2             30

DAC40800031                                                                   40                    80                         31                 31

DAC40800036/34                                                            40                    80                        36                  34

DAC40800036/34B                                                         40                    80                        36                  34

DAC40820040                                                                   40                     82                        40                  40

DAC40840639/40                                                            40                     84.06                 38.8              39.7

DAC408402538                                                                 40                     84.205              38                  38

DAC42750037                                                                    42                     75                       37                  37

DAC42750037A                                                                 42                     75                       37                   37

DAC42750037B                                                                 42                     75                       37                   37

DAC42760038                                                                    42                     76                       38                   38

DAC42760038/35                                                             42                     76                       38                   35

DAC42760039                                                                    42                     76                       39                    39

DAC42760040/37                                                             42                     76                        40                   37

DAC42760040/37B                                                          42                      76                       40                   37

DAC41987760040/37BS1                                            41.987             76                       40                   37

DAC42780041/38                                                             42                      78                       41                   38

DAC42780541/38                                                             42                      78.05                41                    38

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Q: How do my car’s Auto wheel bearings affect braking safety?A: Your car’s auto wheel bearings include the wheel speedsensor that controls your anti-lock braking system (ABS). This sensor sends a constant signal to theABS control system, telling it how fast each wheel isturning. In an emergencysituation, the ABS controlsystem will determine if anti-lock braking is required. If the ABS sensor doesn’t work properly or fails, the ABS system fails, so the quality of this sensor (how it is made and protected from damage) is critical to braking safety.Q: Why are auto wheel bearings critical to my traction control system?A: Your car’s traction control system (TCS) uses a combination of electronic drivetrain controls in conjunction with the ABS system. Since it uses the same wheel speed sensors and components as the ABS system, it can be considered a subsystem and extension of that system. Together, ABS and TCS work to provide the driver with full control over the vehicle under potentially dangerous road conditions.Q: Who is CLUNT and what makes their auto wheel bearings better – and safer?A: CLUNT manufactures Original Equipment auto wheel bearings for many automakers all over the world. Our premium quality auto wheel bearings are manufactured using high quality steel and surface finishes, premium seals, OE sensors, precision manufacturing techniques and precise assembly tolerances. Every CLUNT premium auto wheel bearing is 100% tested, that means it will fit correctly and work correctly, and last as long as the original hub that came with the car when it was new.In many cases, it’s the same one!Q: What is a auto wheel bearing and why is it so important?A: Though you may never even see it, an auto wheel bearing unit is an important part of your car’s wheel assembly, enabling your wheels to turn freely and playing a crucial role in the safety and handling characteristics of your vehicle. Comprised of precisionmanufactured bearings, seals and sensors in one preassembled unit, a wheel hub bearing unit is critical to your car’s performance, from the smoothness of the ride, to fuel efficiency, to the integrity of your anti-lock breaking system (ABS). So when it’s time to replace one, you’ll want a replacement hub bearing that’s as good – and safe – as the original that came with your car when it was new.Q: Why are “value grade” hubs a risky choice?A: Many manufacturers sell replacement hub bearings that are very low priced. Initially, you may think that is a great deal or value. Unfortunately, with that low price, you get a low quality hub bearing that is inferior to a premium, Original Equipment quality hub bearing. We call these hubs “value grade,” and experience has proven that these low performing “value grade” hubs are no real value in the long run. In fact, in many cases:• Value grade hubs last less than half as long as premium hubs.• Their cheaply made seals can allow moisture and contaminants to enter and destroy the bearing prematurely – requiring you to pay for a new hub in as little as 10,000 miles.• They can produce annoying wheel vibration and noise.• They can cause your anti-lock braking system to malfunction, leading to safety concerns for your vehicle.• They can even result in your wheel coming off while you are driving – potentially causing a fatal accident.

Our CompanyTechnology Equipment

Great bearings must be checked by the following process: length measuring instrument, 

bearing vibration measurer, angle neasuring instrument, profile measurement, roughness 

measurement, metallographic examination, roundness measurement, and bote bearing.

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