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Cable Protector

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Product Description

Cable Cover Protector Keeps Cable / Pedestrian Safe

Cable protector is a practical cable management solution for indoor or outdoor use. Various profiles are available for different applications: from one groove to five grooves, with or without hinged lid. It is easy to install and made of premium rubber or with PVC, the professional cable cover protectors have long life guarantee even under harsh conditions.

Commonly used at home or office for hiding computer cables and wires, it can also be used to cover dangerous wires and cabling in schools, warehouses, factories or other public area where exposed cables and wires could be a tripping hazard.

It is one cable protector with two cable ducts, and each duct has one cable crossing through.

CP-01: The floor mounted cable protector with two cable ducts has anti-slip textured top surface for maximum grip.This is three channel cable protector, the hinged lid is open.

CP-02: Three channel cable protector mainly designed for external use.

It shows one cable protector with five channels, the hinged lid is open.

CP-03: Cable protector with five channels, the top hinged lid for easy access to install cables.One connector for turning place of cable protection ramps, it has angle of 45 degree.

CP-04: The connector allows units to be ganged together forming an angled cable protector ramps.

It shows four sections of one cable protector, they interlink by the female and male end.

CP-05: The female and male end interlink sections of the cable protector.This is one Y style cable protector with three channel, there exits notice for danger on the surface.

CP-06: Y style cable protector with three channels interlinks cables from three ways.

The obverse and the reverse of one light weight cable protector, and two cables cross through the protector.

CP-07: Fabricated from the highest grade vulcanised rubber, the light weight cable protector could be used indoor and outdoors to cover wires or cables.

This is one black cable protector with three large cable ducts, and each duct has two cables.

CP-08: The cable protector with three ducts separates data and power cables to prevent interference.One roll of flexible cable and hose protector, it has one cable duct in the middle.

CP-09: This kind of flexible cable protector routes power cords, data and audio cables safely and efficiently.

This picture shows one rubber safety cable cover with three yellow stripes running the whole length.

CP-10: Rubber cable cover with high visibility yellow stripes running the length of the cover makes it an obvious solution to covering the trailing cables.It shows one heavy duty black cable and wire protector, four cables are inside the protector.

CP-11: Heavy duty cable and wire protector stops wires from being cut or crushed when walked on and it fits most common cable types.


Non-slip surface.

Eye-catching colour - yellow and black, to warn pedestrians.

Excellent abrasion resistance.

Ramp design allows for easy passage of trolleys.

Heavy duty interlocking connectors.

Easy to assemble, remove and transport.

High loading capacity for truck and forklift.

Customized dimensions and LOGO.


Material: premium NB/SBR, PVC.

Colour: yellow, black.

Channels: 1 - 5.

Width and length are customized according to customers' need.


Cable cover protectors are ideal for home, offices, hospitals, construction sites, factories, warehouses, commercial events, trade fairs and other places that need cable management.

It shows that in an office, one lady's foot is tripped by the loose cable but the covered cables offer easy access.

CP-12: Cable protector for internal use is cost effective to eliminate the risk of officers' tripping over cables.In a warehouse, one vehicle with heavy load passes the cable protector.

CP-13: Cable protector with robust design for heavy goods, it is a good way to protect the cables in warehouse.

It shows one car is driven over the cables, but with the cable protector, the cables are not damaged.

CP-14: Cable cover protector for external use, it withstands heavy load.It shows the cable cover protector applied in a factory.

CP-15: Cable cover protector helps reduce trip hazard brought by the disordered cables.

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