• Hydraulic Testing Machine Manufacturers N(C)-6 Portable Particle Counter
  • Hydraulic Testing Machine Manufacturers N(C)-6 Portable Particle Counter
  • Hydraulic Testing Machine Manufacturers N(C)-6 Portable Particle Counter
  • Hydraulic Testing Machine Manufacturers N(C)-6 Portable Particle Counter
  • Hydraulic Testing Machine Manufacturers N(C)-6 Portable Particle Counter
  • Hydraulic Testing Machine Manufacturers N(C)-6 Portable Particle Counter

Hydraulic Testing Machine Manufacturers N(C)-6 Portable Particle Counter

  • USD $13,000 - $13,000 / Piece Get Latest Price
  • N(c)-6
  • Henan, China
  • 5 Piece / Pieces
  • T/T L/C MoneyGram
  • 100 Piece / Pieces per Month
  • Qingdao Tianjin Shanghai Ningbo Guangzhou
Product Details
Power:Other, Hydraulic, 24V 4A;5V 6A Usage:Other, Filter testing machine
Packaging Details 1.Each product can be packed into a quality carton box.
Product Description

    Machinery Machine N(C)-6 Portable Oil Particle Counter

1. Product Introduction

N(c)-6 Portable particle counter is researched adopting light

blocking method theory (shading type), used in real-time monitoring for oil pollution particles of hydraulic system. At the same time, because of its built-in the precision metering pump, which can realize offline (bottle) test of low viscosity oil, and can be widely applied in aviation, aerospace, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, ports, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing and so on, in these fields implement solid particles pollution testing in the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil (insulating oil), turbine oil, gear oil, engine oil, aviation kerosene, water-based hydraulic oil etc., and particle impurities detection in the organic liquid and polymer solution.

Traditional particle counters is easy to produce secondary pollution after an external sampler, directly affects the accuracy of the test results, but n (c)-6 portable particle counter adopts imported sensor and power sources, which does not require any external samplers, can be directly connected to the device and testing speed is very fast, it only takes 2 minutes to complete the test. This device has high precision and repeatability.

2. Product Features

♦ Adopting light blockage method theory,ensure the resolution and accuracy.

♦Import precision power unit can realize the constant sample injection speed and accurate volume control.  

♦LCD display,oneclick operation is simple and convenient, standard serial RS232 interface is controlled by host computer.

♦ Built-in mini-printer, the test results print out directly.

♦ Built-in NAS1638, ISO4406 standard, sample pollution level can be provided; and can built-   in the standards according to the customer’s requirements (such as GJB420A - 96 and GJB420B -2006 etc.). 

♦ Demarcated and calibrated according to ISO4402 or GB / 18854-2002 (ISO11171:1999, JJG066-95)

♦ Equipped with USB storage function. 

♦ Import and export adopts the quick connector. 

3.Technical Parameters

Light source: Semiconductor laser                                             

Pressure: 0~0.6Mpa   

Test range: 1μm~400μm                                      

The temperature of tested sample:<50°C  

Sensitivity: 1μm(ISO4402)or  4μm(C)             

Test repeatability:<5% (count value) 


Test accuracy: ±0.5 Pollution level 

Measurement channel:  Six arbitrary setting particles channels                        

Power: 24V,4A 5V,6A  

Sampling rate: 20mL/min  

Sampling accuracy:  ±3%                                                 

Environmental temperature:10°C~40°C 

Interface type: Stainless steel quick connector; inlet and outlet outer diameter φ 6, inner diameter φ 4 nylon hose assemblies            

Apparatus volume:400(L)×350(W)×210(H)

4. About Us

DFFILTRI was founded in 1995, since then we devoted ourselves to research, develop and produce many kinds of hydraulic filters, air filters, hydraulic system accessories, cleaning and filtration equipments, pump valve components. DFFILTRI is our brand, which enjoys high popularity and it has successfully achieved the position both in China and across the world. DFFILTER filtration technology testing center covers a total area of 450 square meters, of which, clean room area of 200 square meters, and cleanliness is up to 100,000 levels. The centre undertakes filtration technology inspection and testing for in-house science research, production and industry service.   On-line particle counter of BETAB-HIAC/POYCO type (8000A/8000S) provided by HIAC/POYCO company in USA, and its supporting machine"Multi-pass test" and "single-pass test" implements ISO16889 new standard and other international standards perfectly Testing center also has the developed equiment for filter performance testing, which can make the comprehensive examination for filter element/cartridge performance. These can insure that company's filter with high capacity, long life, high reliable in full compliance with our customer's  requirement.

5. How to Contact Us?

Xinxiang Dongfeng Filter Technology Co., Ltd.

Add: No.42, West of Beigan Road, Xinxiang, Henan, China (mainland)

Telephone: 86-373-2677957

Mobile Phone: +86-18336074703

Fax: 86-373-2634868

Website: www.dffilter.com

Xinxiang Dongfeng Filter Technology Co., Ltd.

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