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Product Description

Product Description

 rubber strips

                                                    Rubber water-stop profile sketch1, the physical properties of rubber water-stopDesign requirements for rubber water-stop must meet the following physical performance indicators: 18 mpa or greater tensile strength, tear strength 35 kn/M, or hardness 60 ° shaw (A) + / - 5 °, breaking elongation is 450% or higher, fixed and permanent deformation of 20% or less, compression permanent deformation of 35%, or less brittle temperature - 45 °C or less, hot air aging (70 °C) x 72 h, hardness change + 8 ° or less, the tensile strength rate (lower) 10% or less, the elongation rate (lower) 20% or less.  2, rubber water-stop joint processing* * in the project, according to the use of different parts of the same specification rubber water-stop joint as shown in figure 2 (a) ~ (e), there are two specifications rubber water-stop variable cross-section connection, as shown in figure 2 (f) interior wall vertical water-stop lap practice and figure 2 (g) vertical water-stop wall lap. In order to ensure the quality of complex shaped joint such as annular rubber water-stop try to finish in the processing, all kinds of joints were sent to guide field joint by the manufacturer.                 Rubber hose connectorField joint using cold joint, the need to connect on both ends of the rubber water-stop cut into mutual matching water-stop rubber joints, joint surface fell after MAO rubber cleaner clean, dry, brush glue stick rubber (double). The sub process is as follows:(1) in accordance with the requirements for drawing the Angle of the cutting, cutting face to straight, shall not be leant;  (2) cut off strong muscle, in cut off strong muscle place, with electric or pneumatic grinding wheel, MAO MAO parts will comprehensively, must not miss;  (3) after MAO use gasoline or rubber cleaner scrub, after being dry cleaner gasoline or rubber coating mucilage, mucilage coating should be uniform;  (4) according to your drawings after being dry, with 211 rubber paste, first in joining together with the roller compaction and can not have bubbles;  (5) with 211 rubber water-stop rubber bag to stick the joint, after package is stuck with the roller compaction and eliminate air bubbles; (6) inspection appearance raised not obvious bubbles, but allows the film there is a slight uneven surface.3, rubber water-stop SettingsRubber water stop pouring concrete in the cross section and into the adjacent concrete and form a embedded in the concrete cross joints or construction joint partition, prevent moisture from one side of the construction joint into the other side. Seam floor rubber water-stop Settings as shown in figure 3 (a) and 3 (b), cracks of rubber water-stop Settings as shown in figure 3 (c), the hole rubber water-stop Settings as shown in figure 3 (d).  4, rubber water-stopThe installation of the installation and construction as shown in figure                                                               Use rubber water-stop installation diagram (1)Same rubber water-stop and standard cross rubber water-stop, seam is easy to install and link. Rubber water-stop juncture place should remain vertical, as far as possible to avoid cross seams into acute Angle, so as not to cause installation, the mould and pouring concrete difficulties.  (2) rubber water-stop should be evenly placed inside the steel clamp, in the middle of the hollow in expansion joint position, by the fluctuation of the template (digging groove wood square, each a) pressure, exposed part of the bend in the rib of the template, in order to avoid damage.  (3) in rubber water-stop, rubber water-stop between steel bar and must have enough space, to ensure that the concrete is properly filled, the concrete around the rubber water-stop must fully vibrating, to ensure the concrete pore-free, not loose.5, construction points for attention(1) the embedded type rubber water-stop some or all of the casting during the process of concrete pouring in the concrete. Because there are many sharp corners in concrete small stones and sharp mouth bar, so when concrete is poured in and rubber water-stop positioning, attention should be paid to cast installation method and pressure, so as to avoid rubber water-stop punctured.  (2) in casting fixed, rubber water-stop migration, shall be avoided as far as the water one-way seepage path to shorten the influence and the effect of water concrete shall be fully vibrating, make the rubber water-stop and concrete is very good.  (3) joint deformation is different, the structure of rubber water-stop is different also, under the same material of rubber, rubber water-stop thickness increase with the increase of joint deformation. In order to avoid the edge of the seam rubber water-stop torn, local reinforcement structure should be adopted.Graphic rubber water-stop joint construction method

Figure 1: rubber water-stop section forms a site  Figure 2: first, cut the check hose connector     Figure 3: try to cut straight cut    Figure 4: the water stop 2 edge higher le cut off 3-5 cm, facilitate joint paste waterproof material  Figure 5: grinding joint clean like fill tires, but fill tires are manual, there are hand tools   Figure 6: spell joint together   Figure 7: paste with 520 glue joint   Figure 8: edging out attention to joint gap and cement  Figure 9: brush glue and then 2 sides  Figure 10: joint aperture place with waterproof tape  Figure 12: stick joint  Figure 13: attention, is two-sided   Figure 14: after surface brush glue again, again  Figure 15: both sides stick it again   Figure 16: stick with respect to ok Company Information Company Profile: 

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