• stainless steel & carbon steel metal stamping part
  • stainless steel & carbon steel metal stamping part

stainless steel & carbon steel metal stamping part

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Product Description

Stamping material avaliable from stainless steel; carbon steel and aluminium sheet  

Metal stamping is done with hard tooling. This type of tooling is used to make high volume parts. Metal stamping is the forming of metals using machine press or stamping press, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining by pressure into the surface of the metal. This could be a single stage operation where every stroke of the press produce the desired form on the sheet metal parts, or could occur through a series of stages. Hua Xing equipped with both mechanical presses and hydraulic presses. Our goal is to offer the synergistic ability of being able to combine the necessary metal stamping processes with other in-house capabilities such as rolling sheet metal, deep drawing, welding, and machining to meet our customer metal forming requirements. 

Type of material offer to investment (lost wax) casting

The types of materials that can cast are aluminum alloys, bronzes, tool steels, stainless steel, satellite, haste alloys, and precious metals. Parts made with investment castings often do not require any further.  

CB7Cu-117-4 PH0.0615.5-17.73.6-4.6---2.5-3.2.15-.35------
CF3304L0.0317.0-21.08.0-12.00.5---------Mn 1.50
CF83040.0818.0-21.08.0-11.00.5---------Mn 1.50
CF8M3160.0818.0-21.09.0-12.02.0-3.0---------Mn 1.50
CF16F3030.0519.59.5    Mn 0.30
         Si 1.00
         Se 0.25
WCBCarbon Steel0. 0.60
 4310.2015.5-201.5-3------------Si 0.60
         Mn 0.2-1.0

Metal Stamping production line 

•650 ton hydraulic press x 1 and  5 x 100 to 350 ton stamping machining•1 x CNC Punching Machine•1 x bending machine and  6 drilling machine .  

Investment Casting production line 

•Induction Melting furnaces with melting capacities of 150 kg•Wax Pattern Making Machine with size up to 

  (Columns distance: 1000mm x1000mm;  Max. travel:  900mm;  Max. wax capacity: 20 liters;  Size up to 400mm x 700mm x 800mm and weight up 150kgs.) 

•Temperature & Humidity Controlled Shelling Room •Dewaxing Machine•Preheat Stove•Heat Treatment Furnace •Shot & Sand Blasting Machines•Heavy Duty Grinders•Cutting Machines•Tool Room. 

Machining production line

•DMG (DMC1035Veco) CNC Machining Centers•XieHong 4 Axis CNC Machining Centers•Tatung-Okuma (L390 & L270) CNC Lathe•CNC Lathe•Engine Lathe•CNC Milling Machine•Surface Grinding Machine•Drilling Machine•Bending Machine•Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine•Dryer Machine

Quality Assurance

Chemical Analysis :

•In house spectrometer with 24 channels capable of testing Fe, Ni, Co, Al based materials •and also Nitrogen content.

Physical Testing :

•In house Hardness Testing Machine.•In house Impact test Machine.•In house metallurgical microscope.

Test Provided :

•Chemical Analysis, Tensile Test, Impact Test, Radiography (X-Ray), Dye Penetrate, Corrosion Test, MPT Test, Microstructure.  

Factory location

Machining factory -  No.10, Third Road, YongXing Industrial Zone, ChenCun Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China,A factory specialized in manufacture of precision machining, metal stamping, prototype assist and product assembly service.

Casting Foundry -  Gou Chu Industrial Zone, Beijiao Town, FoShan City, Guangdong Province, ChinaA factory specialized in manufacture of stainless steel lost wax casting / investment casting, die casting and precision tool making.


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