• 100-55DS irrigaton pump
  • 100-55DS irrigaton pump

100-55DS irrigaton pump

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  • SWAN
  • 100-55DS
  • Jiangsu, China
  • 200 Set / Sets
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  • 5000 Set / Sets per Month
  • Shanghai China
Product Details
Theory:Centrifugal Pump Structure:Single-stage Pump Usage:Water
Power:Electric Standard or Nonstandard:Standard Fuel:Diesel
Pressure:High Pressure Application:Other, agricultural&garden irrigation
Packaging Details carton or others
Product Description


The centrifugal pumps of our company, manufacture in strict accordance with the standard JB/T6663.1-93,which mainly consist of impeller,casing,sealing,bearing body etc, apply to convey clear water or others whose properties similar to water.

The medium temperature can’t exceed 176°F.

It has two type of drive, one is the power machine connect with the pump directly by a Coupling, another is the power machine and pump rotate through the pulley. The power machine can be the diesel engine or electric engine, the user can select as required.


Primarily supporting the use of light-small sprinkling machine, and fixed permanent or semi-permanent sprinkler system, widely applied to irrigation of various farmlands, orchards, vegetable farms and nursery garden, it can also use in pump unit for water supply and drain of urban construction, factory and mine.


You should fill the pump with water before start, then the impeller rotate with high speed under the engine, when the impeller turns,the water pressure at the entrance of impeller reducing and the entrance of the impeller lower than atmosphere pressure. While the water pressure along the direction of impeller radius ceaselessly rising and outdistance atmosphere pressure, formed a certain suction in water inlet. Under atmosphere pressure, the lower water push the inflow valve, enter into pump case along water inlet, dumped into water outlet by impeller. So that the lower water can be continuously carried to high.

Use and maintenance

  1. you should make the pump working in the standard rotate speed in use process, don’t speed up at will, in order to avoid potential safety hazard and impact the useful life of the pump.
  2. Direct coupled type pump units:the chassis must remain stable, so as not to damage the coupling. Belt wheel type pump units:the two pulleys must be aligned, the belt loose or tighten must be moderate. If the pump doesn’t turn, it is generally because the impeller-ring get rusty, you can use the mallet knocking the coupling axially.
  3. Pump mounting height(in order to suction the water tank as the base)should be less than the permit smoking on 1-2meter high vacuum.
  4. You should stop the engine if you discover abnormalities(such as noise, shock, hydraulic discharge descend etc.),and attention the bearing heat up, the temperature can’t exceed 75°C.
  5. If stop using for a long time, you should discharge the water in the pump, overhaul and oil, keep it in a dry and ventilate shade. In winter, you should discharge the water at once when you stop using it in case frost crack.
  6. After the pump every 1000 hours operating time, you should take down and clean the bearing, and exchange quick-wear parts.

General fault and eliminating methods



eliminating methods

pump no flow

1,the stored water not enough

1,increase water

2,air leakage of suction culvert and shaft seal

2,overhaul the suction culvert

3,pump reversal

3,check up and redress

4,the rotate speed is too low


5,the suction distance is too high

5,drop it

water  yield not enough

1,the bottom valve or impeller blocking

1,remove the tamper

2,the rotate speed is too low


3,total head overtop

3,drop it

bearing heating

1,grease too much or not enough

1,increase or decrease properly

2,pump shaft bended

2,adjust or replace

3,belt over taut

3,adjust to relax

 the noise and vibration is fairly big

1,the suction distance is too high

1,drop it

2,The bottom of the frame is unstable


3,bearing wear seriously

3,replace bearing

4,bearing bended

4,adjust or replace

The shaft power increased

1,the rotate speed is too high


2,pump shaft bended

2,adjust or replace

3,bearing wear seriously

3,replace bearing