• AVF200-0074 panasonic inverter /3 phases 400V/input type/0.75KW /current 2.1A
  • AVF200-0074 panasonic inverter /3 phases 400V/input type/0.75KW /current 2.1A

AVF200-0074 panasonic inverter /3 phases 400V/input type/0.75KW /current 2.1A

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  • Panasonic
  • AVF200-0754
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Product Details
Output Power:1 - 200KW Size:112*143 Weight:1.6KG
Input Voltage:380V Type:Other Output Frequency:0.75KW
Output Current:2.1A
Packaging Details carton
Product Description

High speed torque control output with vector controlUsing the original vector control technology of the company, even in the middle and low speed can produce a higher torque (1Hz - > 150%). In the load change device is large and need sufficient starting torque in the transmission of a large number of semi-finished products as a belt and heavy turntable, can run smoothly. In the same need low speed torque canned caulking machine, punching machine, injection molding machine in operation can also play the power converter without using amplification 1 grades more than 2 grades or capacity, in order to reduce the cost and reduce the installation space to contribute.In addition, it is also equipped with automatic tuning function, which can be used to set the parameters of a simple and proper setting.

Using a large operation panel, to further improve the operability- large clear 7 Duan Xianshi- easy operation of large scale- simple and easy to identify key configuration

Operation panel for removable type- just install on other devices, you can copy the parameters to use.72mm * 72mm DIN size, even installed on the counter, also can keep beautiful.- users only need to be ready to sell LAN cable (linear type) to connect the operation panel and the host, with the purchase of a simple, affordable characteristics. (5m)

Standard with serial interface RS485Through the RS485 serial communication can control 31 VF200. The communication protocol is Modbus-RTU and MEWTOCOL, which can be sent out by computer or PLC simply to make a speed indicator, or to collect data.(the company's PLC series Modbus-RTU with FP and MEWTOCOL master station functions).