• UHMWPE Plastic chain guide rail, uhmwpe corner track
  • UHMWPE Plastic chain guide rail, uhmwpe corner track

UHMWPE Plastic chain guide rail, uhmwpe corner track

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Product Details
Plastic Modling Type:Rotational molding
Packaging Details Packing in a carton or polybag
Product Description

Product Features (1) abrasion highest plastic, seven times higher than carbon steel, four times higher than PTFE. (2) Impact strength plastic in the first column, 2 times higher than that of polycarbonate, 5 times higher than ABS. (3) self-lubricating performance equivalent to F4, add the oil than steel and brass after high lubricity. (4) Corrosion resistance: at a certain temperature and humidity within the ability of various corrosive media, and the role of the organic solvent medium, high chemical stability. (5) nonstick surface of product compared with other materials is not easy to attach, strong anti-adhesion properties. (6) of impact resistance, impact energy absorbing the highest in all plastics, nylon 66 10 times 8 times PTFE. (7) low temperature resistance, in liquid nitrogen (-196 °C), still malleable, this low-temperature toughness is all plastics that are not performance. (8) completely non-toxic health: Is the U.S. Drug and Food (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved for use in contact with food and drugs occasion of the material.

Application Examples (1) paper industry: the use of wear and lubrication, main products are vacuum box panel, dehydration plate, scraper, seals, bushings, and other paper cutter.  Thickness below 10mm UHMW-PE thin-walled tube can be used for belt conveyors and roller paper machine cladding tube. (2) Food and beverage industry: the use of abrasion resistance, impact resistance, non-sticky, non-toxic health, production job board, conveyor screw, gear, etc., play easy to clean, long life, antifungal effect, but also for other parts of Health . (3) Sewage: Sewage treatment plant sludge scraper, screw conveyor liners, mud impeller, shaft sleeve, grit collection system, clarifying device gear, sedimentation tanks lining and so on. (4) electronics industry: semiconductor processing surface treatment and air pollution control systems, sewage control.  UHMW-PE is extremely excellent low temperature performance, at liquid helium temperature (-269 °C) remain under the ductility, it can be in refrigeration technology, cryogenic engineering to develop applications.  The latest UHMW-PE pipe can be replaced by a large number of fluorine plastic tube, widely used in the semiconductor industry domain. (5) textile industry: is the use of impact resistance, wear resistance and smoothness, a variety of skin products, knot, gears, a buffer plate, bearing bushes, etc. (6) sports, entertainment: skis lining, snow track automobile parts, gliders ground plate, ball apparatus parts, various bearing liner. (7) Medical Devices: The human body implants, artificial joints, orthopedic surgical instruments and stents, surgical instruments spacers. (8) chemical and other industries: electroplated parts, agricultural machinery, ship parts, ultra-low temperature nuclear machinery components.  Mainly using abrasion resistance, impact resistance, cold resistance, self lubrication, electrical characteristics. 


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