• WSZK Brushless Liquid Resistance Vacuum Motor Starter
  • WSZK Brushless Liquid Resistance Vacuum Motor Starter

WSZK Brushless Liquid Resistance Vacuum Motor Starter

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  • WSZK Brushless Liquid Resistance Vacuum Motor Starter
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Product Details
Type:Asynchronous Motor Frequency:50HZ Protect Feature:Totally Enclosed
Phase:Three-phase Certification:CCC AC Voltage:208-230 / 240 V
Efficiency:IE 4
Product Description



       The start is easy to operate and install, which can reduce the expense of repire. it can take the motor to the best situation under adjusting the resistance ,torque and current.       The starting current can be reduced from 7le to 1.6le under the condition of keeping the torque unchanged.it can start the motor with largest torque:        1,It is from resistance starting equiment, which has below new characteristics:removing  the harm from ring and carbon brush.it saves repairing expense without traditional complex starting equipment.         2,Saving the installation space and secondary loop cable,reducing the power waste of starting equipment, power wasteless.starting control is completed from starter  according to the speed of motor.         3,It avoids the phenomena that some damage to motor and starter  from other equipment can not trace the starting process of motor by overload.         4,During the process of running, if it appears locked-rotor, the starter will  automatically run for the reduction of motor speed to reach the goal of increasing the torque and reducing current of motor.         5,Conquering the default that square of starting current is proportional to torque on stator controlled motor soft-starter with starting current. increasing the motor torque when reducing the current. adopting brushless running, it is 10 times to save the power and starting times.however, the price is not reached 1/3 than other soft-starter.         6,The starting resistance is directly installed the rotoring shaft of motor, using the centrifugal power as driving, control the starting resistance to reduce the starting current, increase torque, equipping the no brush self -controlled motor to winding asynchronous motor.         7,In order to prolong the using life, adopting the starting  liquid to resisting rust,deteroprate, freeze,boiling(boiling point is120°C).         8,To guarantee running safety, it needs to set the safey exhausting valve, which will be opened automatically when reaching the rated speed.


Power Voltage: three phase 50Hz   380V-10KVAdapting Motor:  thress phase winding asynchronous motorFrequency of Starting: less than 10times per hourHeight of Elevation: less than 2000mTempreture of environment: the Lowest: -25°C,  the Highest: +40°Cthe place of  no combustible, explosive,caustic gas


1,Rated Voltage: 380V,6kV,10kVAdapting Motor Power: 130-2000KW2,Starting Characteristic:       a.Light- load: 0.6Me <M<I      b.Mid-load: 1Me <M<I<1.6Ie,5s≤T≤15s      c.Heavy-load: 1.5Me <M<2.5ME,1.6IE&NBSP; <I<2.5Ie,8s≤T≤15s3,The constant torque, current start, starting current,starting torquecan be adjusted by customers request.4,All kinds of harm will be removed from rings and carbon brush when using brushless soft-starter, and saving the controlled cupboard and secondary loop cable. the cost of equipment of winding motor will be reduced 70%,90%  of  repairing. the reliability of motor and its controlled equipment will be increased above 1 times.


         1,Removing all parts of cover,rings,carbon brush,brush box,brush box shell and short circuit ring equipment(some motor have no short circuit ring equipment).         2,In order to avoid the mistake when remove rings, it should to bond two conductor trace line of same phase.         3,To measure the hole diameter,width and heightof key by vernier caliper, if there is any discrepancy, pls do not hesitate to contact us.         4,Greasing a little of lubricating, machine oil on the shaft, install the keyseat of starter to the keyseatof shaft. then gently to knock on the starter to installation location. to avoid the shaft shake of starter it should be locked by steel wire and distance ring.         5,In order to prevent the harm of inter parts or liquid leakage. it can not knock heavily, after finishing the installation, to connect the out- line of stator to corresponding location of starter connector bing, (for lines motor, should to connect 2 same phase conductor line  with 2 binding) post of same colour, the detailed connection is as below.


         1,Beside the resistance, other component of starter will not hot when   starting, in order to avoid harming the component, pls do not open the cover, for its desing is maintenance free.         2,When the liquid is below than the requetment, it should to complement the liquid to the stated surface.          3,The safty exguasting valve is to gurantee the motor will not spray liquid during starting. it will open when the speed reach the rated. to keep the pressure f starter same as atmospheric pressure, so the custumer will not adjust by themselves.


The collector rings size of motor of JR,JZR,YR,YZR have different design and parameter, to guarantee the installation successfully once time, pls proving the data ,manufacture and where to use is important.