• tomasetto cng kit
  • tomasetto cng kit

tomasetto cng kit

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Product Details
Type:Injector Size:30*31*23 Car Make:all engines with injection systems
OE NO.:JL000051 Warranty:1 Years
Packaging Details CNG Car modification kit for sequential injection system Can be packed individually according to the needs of customers.Price may vary.
Product Description

 Details about tomasetto cng kit  

1.Commodity: tomasetto cng kit

2.Key Parts & Functions about tomasetto cng kit

A. ECU Kits (Exon1.0)

     Electronic Control Unit, Harness, Water Temperature Sensor, Micro-switch, Map Sensor.     ECU Software: Mach Pro, support 11 languages. To setup on PC, for programming the gas ECU to match with your car's condition 

    It is one of the main components for the burning gas system, through collecting the fuel signal of the ECU control module which come from the original car, and integrate water temperature sensor signal, intake manifold pressure sensor, intake air temperature sensor, gas temperature sensor signal, gas pressure sensor signal, sensor crank shaft position sensor signal, then do the analysis processing, and send out the injunction to the burning gas mutual rail injection valve, when the engine stopped the gas system will be cut off automatically. It can further enhance the stability, security and rapid response, and other characteristics of the gas engine. Meet the requirements of the gas engine emission standards, such as EU2, EU3, and EU4 and over.

B. CNG/LPG INJECTORS(3 cylinders, 4 cylinders, 6cylinder or 8 cylinders)

    a. The gas injectors are electro-mechanical gas regulators that enable the quantity of gas fed to the combustion chamber to be controlled with great precision and rapidity. This means that combustion can be optimized, and therefore the exhaust pollutants reduced, increasing the yield of the engine, which means lower fuel consumption in all fields of operation.

   b. The very fast injector response time(opening time 1.6ms, closing time 1.5ms) allows the engine control units to directly control all performance phases.

C.CNG Sequential Reducer/Regulator, with  Solenoid Valves

They will let high pressure gas from CNG tanks be the low pressure gas which is available to engines

D. CNG Filling Valves(T3H)

Filling CNG into CNG Tank through the valves

E.CNGPipeline(stainless steel,dia6mm*5.5meter)

Carry CNG from CNG tank to CNG Reducers

F.Accessary kits

3.Usage and Advantage about  tomasetto cng kit

   a. Jiali CNG-EXON1.0 System is a computerized self registering electronic system for the management of LPG/CNG. It is an antipollution computerized device which controls of emission of MPFI cars.

  b. Sequential injection LPG/CNG kit, suit to 3-4, 6, 8 cylinders injection EFI cars; one normal type up to 140KW, the other super type 250KW

4.Warranty conditions:

The warranty period terminates minimum 1 year with a mileage limit. IF exceed the warranty period,

you need to pay for the cost if you want to apply for warranty service.

5.Photos from our workshops


                           E4 R110-000257                                                                          E4 R110-000259

                         E4 R110-000258                                                         E4 R110-000283

7. All CNG/LPG kits of Reducer/Regulator

8. CNG/LPG injectors

9.LPG/NG Generators

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