• Terracotta panel fixing system for curtain wall
  • Terracotta panel fixing system for curtain wall

Terracotta panel fixing system for curtain wall

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Product Details
Grade:6000 Series Temper:T3-T8 Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy
Packaging Details cartons for Terracotta Panel Accessories
Product Description


Meilv ’ s main manufacturing aluminum PV stent system. Compared with steel, aluminum has the following advantages:


Aluminum Density:2.7kg/dm³

Iron density:7.9 kg/dm³

Easy to shape

Available different molds, easy access via an extrusion process of aluminum extrusion products of different cross-sectional shapes.


Place the aluminum in air to form a dense aluminum oxide in the surface protective layer can prevent the progress of aluminum Oxidation step.

Easy processing

Aluminum can easily pass data, drilling, punching, folding and other processing into the desired specifications. The process of energy consumption is significantly lower than steel.

Low temperature

Common steel welding area, especially in brittle at low temperatures, while the strength of aluminum is actually increased.

Balance voltage

Aluminum has excellent electrical conductivity, it is possible to conduct a better PV mounting system for various reasons weak current generated.


Steel frame and aluminum solar panel frame contact, aluminum frame is to avoid this phenomenon.

Easy recovery

After re-forming in the recycling of aluminum consumes only original profiles from aluminum ore to process 5% of energy.

Detailed show:


Preparation,measurement and position marking are very convenient.High flatness of basic wall surface is required and the installation of transverse keel must be precise and implemented by measurement;drilling and riveting is time-consuming but saves the cost of material.

Foam sticks and seal gum are put into the vertical seam between terracotta façade panels and spring strips are fixed to the transverse keel.This kind of structure has the following function:

  1. Stabilize the fixed terracotta façade panels and stop the from moving aside.
  2. Shield from rain water flowing into the inner structure of curtain wall.
  3. Serve as buffer.Under a windy condition,the flexible parts in the seam create soft thrust to the terracotta façade panels to avoid making noise.

Installation steps

Materials for installation:transverse keel(aluminium alloy),vertical keel (galvanized square tube),spring strip,hanging accessory,bracket and so on.Terracotta façade panel is fixed by upper and lower transverse keel.

The drainage in the outer side of curtain wall is implemented through the notch of joint;ventilation is implemented through the gap of horizontal joint between terracotta façade panels.There are at least 20mm between curtain wall(or wall)and insulating layer to guarantee the ventilation at the inner side of curtain wall.


Draw the frame according to the structure of curtain wall and set horizontal datum line for the installation of vertical keel with laser or Mark a vertical control line at the installation of vertical keel on the curtain wall.

2.Installing bracket

Mark the installation position of bracket according to the vertical control line.

Check and adjust the position of bracket to make it parallel control line;directly weld it to the embedded part along the beeline in the same control line.

3.Installing vertical keel

Fix the vertical keel to the bracket with galvanized bolts and determine the distance between vertical keel and wall surface by the end line of wall.

Adjust the verticality of vertical keel

4.Installing transverse keel

Fix the transverse keel to the vertical keel.Blind rivet or tapping screw is usually used as it is convenient and quick.The installation distance of transverse keel is controlled by spacing ruler;

Adjust the level of transverse keel

5.Installing terracotta façade panel

Firstly, fasten the spring strip to the related small aluminium alloy hanging accessory ;the insert the hanging accessory into the back groove of terracotta façade panel until it reaches the point about 1/5 of the length of terracotta façade panel to the end (two at each side of terracotta façade panel and close to 4 corners),and then fasten the terracotta façade panel together with hanging accessory to the transverse keel from up to down.Spring strip is to support the terracotta façade panel and make it stable.

Install other terracotta façade panels from down to up and complete the installation of the whole curtain wall. After the installation,clean and wash the surface of curtain wallthoroughly with water.

The installed terracotta façade panels can be replaced by piece and removed without following a certain order.Break the broken terracotta façade panels by physical method, get them out and then re-install new tiles.

Connecting parts are added between transverse keels by rivets to guarantee the stability of system.

Product quality control :

Advanced manufacturing equipment and detection devices are guarantee for excellent product quality . we strictly adhere to national relevant standards and regulations , and rigid quality management system control has been established in all steps from material selection , mold design , extrusion process , treatment and finished product detection to warehousing and deliver .

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